How To Create A Jiu Jitsu Brand Blog #2 - Artwork

November 04, 2018

How To Create A Jiu Jitsu Brand Blog #2 - Artwork

In this blog we are going to give tips about how to choose a logo for a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (bjj) brand or school...

If you choose a logo with a lot of colors it will be expensive to screen print the logo on apparel like t-shirts and hoodies. We recommend choosing a logo with three colors or less to keep the cost of goods more affordable.  

If you have an idea for a logo or slogan, and do not know how to make it then hire a freelancer from a website like or Ask for the logo to be made in different one-three color designs, a transparent background, a Portable Network Graphic (png) file, and a vector file. Ask for the vector file to be delivered in Adobe Illustrator (ai) or Encapsulated PostScript (eps) format. 

The different colors of the logo will allow you to make different mock-ups (A picture of the product with your logo placement on it) on different color materials. The transparent background will allow the logo to be placed on different color backgrounds. This stops the problem with logos with white boxes or other colored boxes around the logo. A png file is the best type of file to send universally to people so they can easily view it from any device. A vector file is what graphics artists need for print production and usually requires a special program like Adobe Illustrator to open. 

Once your idea comes to life in a logo format, the mock-up is developed, and the art is sent to the screen printer for production you will be ready to rock and roll with products. 

(Quick Tip) If you are getting rash-guards, sublimated shorts, patches, or leggings/spats made with the sublimation printing process and not screen printing then the colors in the logo should not affect the cost to print. 

We hope you enjoyed these tips about artwork for a jiu jitsu brand.