How To Create A Jiu Jitsu Brand Blog #1 - Bjj Shirts

October 28, 2018

How To Create A Jiu Jitsu Brand Blog #1 - Bjj Shirts

 In this blog post we are going to tell you which blank t-shirt brand is a good go to shirt for your jiu-jitsu brand, and we are going to talk about a couple of ways to make custom shirts for bjj schools.   

     The 1st step is deciding where you want to buy your blank jiu jitsu t-shirt supplies. We buy ours through a local company in Dallas that is a huge worldwide supplier. Premium brands include Bella Canvas, Next Level, and American Apparel. 

     Our recommendation is to go with Next level 60/40 shirts. They are a great quality blank shirt and most companies have a good stock. We will include a link at the bottom of the blog post so you can shop for blank Next Level shirts. They also include a tear away label so you can completely private label your shirts. Private label just means that the product will only have your logos, and nobody elses.

So you need to do some research and try and find a local supplier that you can pick-up blank shirts to save on shipping costs. Make sure to give them your tax id from your mma school so they won't charge you tax.

  Deciding on a custom t-shirt process.

     Heat pressing vinyl is the most cost efficient method in jiu jitsu t-shirt printing.  The vinyl will be cut by a vinyl cutter that it used by a computer software to cut out your bjj design. You will then use a tool to weed out the extra vinyl that is not needed for the design. You will take the cut out vinyl and heat press it on a blank t-shirt then peel off the transfer paper and you have your custom shirt. This is the basic concept of the goal we are accomplishing. This is a do it your self method and requires trial and error. These are really only good for minimal use like walk out fight shirts, and quick t-shirt solutions. This is not a great quality way to put your bjj logo on a shirt and sell it as a brand. 

The printing process we recommend.

Most cities have a local screen printer, and we recommend that you get in good with them, because if your jiu jitsu t-shirt business takes off with selling shirts you will be working with them a lot. Screen Printing is not vinyl transfer it is actual ink that is applied to the shirts and cured. We definitely recommend screen printing for a great quality product.  Here are some pro tips when choosing your logos on shirts. Go with something that has less colors in the logo.  Screen printers price according to color, # of prints, and volume of the order. A 1 or 2 color print is much cheaper than a logo with 5 color prints.  Also, they will require a vector file of your logo so they can separate the artwork to print film to burn their screens. 

Here is where you can shop for blank Next Level Shirts to print on: